Little Mac vs. Ippo Makunouchi

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Little Mac vs. Ippo Makunouchi

Post by KingMeyJaX on Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:36 pm

Fight takes place within the Boxing Ring. No Smash Brothers Feats or Abilities.

Win by KO only. Who is the better boxer?

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Re: Little Mac vs. Ippo Makunouchi

Post by hazzaismyname on Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:35 pm

Im going to give a run down on Ippo Makunoichi.

Ippo is a 5'5" Infighter which means he is a close range boxer.  He uses the peekaboo style for extra defence.  He favours hooks and uppers but uses jabs and straights to get people wrapped up in his pace. Ippo often bobs and weaves to throw his entire momentum in a punch and dodge. Ippo is a close range and extreme close range (meaning he is able to throw an effective punch using only 10cm) and is capable of quick dashes to get in range.

Ippos current record is 23(23)-0-2. All matches have ended in a KO so his style can be quite risky.

Signature techniques:
Liver Blow - packs such a punch it became a signature.  He refined the motion by hammering in several logs into a hill and it feels like this

Gazelle Punch - essentially an upwards hook.  Ippos get in very low and uses the momentum of raising to throw this wicked punch

Dempsey roll - Ippos weaves in a infinite symbol motion and throws hooks in a continuous flow.  Good enough counter punchers can easily counter this but backing up but ippo created the dempsey stop in which he stops for a moment without ruining his momentum.  This puts intense strain on his legs and can only use it a couple of times in a single match.  The dempsey roll combination is a liver blow to gazzelle punch to dempsey.

The video is the end of his fight against sendo for the Japanese feather weight title.  and also shown is another way to stop the dempsey roll.

Ippo has incredible muscle build from helpign his mother out at their fishing boat since he was a child.  

Other skills:
has learnt to ruin a punch by diving into it to ruin the hit point.
Incredible Endurance.  Takes one hell of a beating.  Basically any of ippos matches for reference. But has taken a punch with 1900km worht of force.
as mentioned earlier incredible dodging skills and mixing punches into it.
4 inch punch

Lots of experience with outboxers and can easily back one into a corner

im not sure if im missing anything. Buts thats ippos run down

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