OrgSync! Very Important!

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OrgSync! Very Important!

Post by ParadoXcentric on Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:51 pm

Just a reminder that everyone needs to sign up to Orgsync (Preferably using your UWS ID).

The Uni bases our Club size (and thus funding cap and expected life) by how many people have registered, so it is vital for all new and old members to sign up ASAP. If you do not register you are, by the universities standards, not an official member of ParraNOIA - and we don't want that.

You will also need the following information available through your Orgsync profile: Name, Emergency contact number, and preferred email. We will also need those who are currently registered as 'new users' to update their information as soon as possible. This is for the uni's benefit as well as ours so that we may inform you of any last minute changes to events and/or meetings.

Please follow this link:

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