Hi there! I am Luther

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Hi there! I am Luther

Post by ManInLittleFigter on Sat Feb 28, 2015 10:32 am

Good morning,
My name is Luther a.k.a The Elephun Rises or TheManInLittleFighter (if anyone gets that name, good on you Very Happy). I am skilled in games, both playing and uninstalling shitty games. I am really scared of horror  affraid , but am willing to play it through. No doubt because when i was in year 2, i played fatal frame 2  pale  on the ps2 or ps1. i forgot which one is. And I still have nightmares of the game. Those fking jap cunts. I love japanese people so don't worry. I may not seem like a guy who is into cute shit. But i am. I love my hello kitty. And i used to be a bronie, but i never got into clopping or the fappening over rainbow bow dash or twlight sparkle. I can speak mild german, and understand mildly. I am chinese, samoan and partly german.  Shocked And my favourite color is... salmon or just pink. I am not gay. I am interested women, should i say younger women. But buttons that shit. I am not interested in women. I am interested in doing my work. *NO GIRLS*

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